EcoLab flex

EcoLab flex

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Advantages at a glance

  • enables complex ecosystem studies (pedo, bio and atmospheric continuum)
  • small footprint with high scientific efficiency
  • versatile adaptation possibilities of the facility to specific research questions
  • easy setup by two persons without motorized aids
  • access to the system via PC or smart device

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EcoLab flex

Our EcoLab flex is a new generation of ecotrons where the optimal technical support to answer your research questions is our goal. The EcoLab flex can be designed e.g. as a single ecotron with one lysimeter, as a single ecotron with several stackable lysimeters or as a double station. Examples can be found in our product images. More information about Ecotrons can be found here.

You control the parameters for your research project!

No matter what climate scenarios you are working with, from dry to humid, hot to cold, whether a weak breeze or a hurricane, lots of sunlight or high humidity, groundwater levels high or low, everything can be simulated with the integrated systems in EcoLab flex. When it comes to soil, you have the choice of either using UGT's proven Ready-To-Go lysimeter sampling technology and getting the undisturbed soil body from the field into your lab, or creating your own soil as needed!

The EcoLab flex offers a well thought-out concept from the idea, through the implementation to the result. Easy operation, uncomplicated monitoring and quick changes of scenarios from anywhere via the innovative PLC control system for all actuators (e.g. lighting, irrigation, air conditioning). Insights on the development of your project or the growth of the plants are possible with the integrated camera in the atmosphere unit anytime and anywhere with a smart device.

Two components - great effect!

The EcoLab 500 consists of two main components that build vertically on each other: Atmosphere Unit and Floor Unit.

  •     The EcoLab flex soil unit for investigating processes in the soil and the influence of flora and fauna on the soil.
  •     The EcoLab flex atmosphere unit as an above-ground habitat for flora and fauna.

Depending on the application, all system components can be individually equipped with appropriate sensors for monitoring important system parameters and processes. We will help you make the right choice for your project!


EcoLab 500 BASIC

1,200 mm × 1,200 mm × 3,000 mm (l × w × h)

Floor unit



Ø 770 mm, height 980 mm, equipped with inspection door, Alucobond and aluminum profiles

Lysimeter vessel

Ø 500 mm, height 900 mm, compatible with Ready-To-Go lysimeter family, stainless steel, 1.4301


10 x pressure-tight sensor feedthroughs; tensiometer, soil moisture temperature probes, suction probes

Atmosphere unit



Ø 610 mm, height 1500 mm, opaque polymer material with inspection door, gas-tight


Integrated outlet with dust filter and exhaust fan (open system)
Lighting High-power LEDs with dimmable, adjustable wavelength channels, photosynthetically active photon flux density up to 1,000 μmol/m2 s near the ground surface, day/night cycle.
Irrigation Spray or drip irrigation, height adjustable and rotatable, flow measurement


Humidity, temperature, PAR sensor
Control unit  
Color display, Power supply

0 x 380 x 210 mm, 230 V / 110 V AC


with extensions in the ground and atmosphere unit for more project variations

Projekt NPEC

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