Moor probe (according to ILLNER)

Moor probe (according to ILLNER)

Item no.: 2302000 (Set, 10 m) Item no.: 2302050 (Set, 5 m)

Advantages at a glance

  • Sampling of flowing, powdery and fine-grained substrates
  • only slightly mixed samples

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Moor probe (according to ILLNER)

The ILLNER moor probe is designed for taking semi-mixed samples during soil investigations in peat soils or soft sediments, peat soils, peat mosses, but also sampling in powdery and granular materials. Especially for environmental investigations, but also for the investigation of filter beds or paleontological investigations and pollen analyses this sampling device is used.


The Moorklapp probe consists of a stainless steel drill body followed by a semi-cylindrical sample receptacle. The sample container has a cutting edge and is closed by an angular closing plate rotating around the drill axis. The closing plate protrudes slightly on one side and also has a cutting edge in order to be able to take samples that are as slightly mixed as possible. Either a rotary handle or extensions can be attached directly to the Mooklapp probe. For quick assembly / disassembly, handles and extensions are equipped with spring clips.

Mode of operation

The solid tip with centering displaces the soil when the mook folding probe is inserted. By rotating the probe, the sample is cut out of the substrate. At the same time, the strike plate closes the specimen receptacle. After half a rotation around the drilling axis (180 °), the specimen receptacle is filled. Due to its own resistance, the strike plate remains in this position and thus completely closes the specimen container. The container can now be pulled out of the ground without affecting the specimen and the specimen removed.

Standard set

  • 1 Drill body Moor folding probe
  • 1 handle
  • 5 or 10 extensions of 1 m each


1.000 mm

Probe length

500 mm

Outer diameter

Ø 60 mm

Innenr diameter

Ø 52 mm


ca. 0,5 l

Length extensions

1 m


Stainless steel 1.430 1

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