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We offer complete system solutions that enable you to answer complex ecological questions. Our innovative systems allow, for example, the recording of several parameters at one site, the simulation of mini-ecosystems or the real-time monitoring of tree ecosystem services.

Based on our many years of experience and our wide range of products, we take care of the planning, implementation, installation and maintenance of your system in close coordination with you. Our system solutions are rounded off by comprehensive data management with modern data transfer technologies, high quality standards and user-friendly operation.

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Lysimeters are soil columns physically separated from the environment with a known volume and cross-sectional area. You can use our lysimeter technology, for example, for water balance studies of ecosystems or for the water demand of irrigated plants.

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Talking Tree

A Talking Tree is a tree equipped with sensor technology. This sensor technology makes it possible to observe in real time and with high accuracy the reaction of trees to environmental parameters, to gain an impression of their vitality or to quantify their ecosystem services. With a Talking Tree from UGT, we offer an all-round carefree package where we take care of everything from installation to data handling and visualization.

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Water Isotope Probe WIP-System

Our WIP system is used for the continuous detection of water vapor and the stable water isotopes d18O and d2H in soil, tree xylem and/or the atmosphere. Signatures can thus be tracked and studied through the entire soil-plant-water cycle. This makes the WIP system ideal for soil and ecohydrological studies of rainwater uptake by plants, both in the field and in lysimeters and EcoLabs, including labeling experiments.

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Our EcoLabs are complete measurement facilities for the comprehensive study of ecosystem functions in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum under controlled conditions. Simply grow your mini-ecosystem in our mini-lab and measure how plants and soil respond to different meteorological stimuli. Simulation for sustainable agriculture and landscape planning!

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Rain exclusion roofs

Stand climate is an essential component for controlling processes in grass or forest ecosystems. With our rain exclusion roofs, you can reduce the amount of precipitation in the field and use appropriate sensors to detect changes in process flows in your manipulated ecosystem.

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