Picarro L2140-i Analyzer

Picarro L2140-i Analyzer

Item no.: 5070108

Advantages at a glance

  • For precise measurement of δ18O, δ17O, δD and determination of δ17O excess.
  • simultaneous measurement of δ17O and δ17O-surplus with up to <0.015 ‰ precision
  • Flexibly expandable

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Picarro L2140-i Analyzer

The L2140-i triple water isotope analyzer measures δ18O, δD and water vapor concentration, as well as δ17O and determines the 17O excess.  

The abundance of the oxygen isotope 17O, as well as deviations from the ratio of δ17O and δ18O, represent valuable additional tracers that are increasingly used in isotope hydrology, climatology, and biochemistry. Until a few years ago, only isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) was an option for analysis due to the extremely high demands on measurement accuracy, but this was associated with high costs, complex sample preparation and low throughput.   

The L2140-i combines the advantages of CRDS laser spectroscopy with extremely high precision (<0.015 ‰ for 17O excess in water vapor) to meet research requirements.  

One analyzer. Multiple applications.

Picarro water isotope analyzers can work with many different types of samples from solids, liquids, and water vapor through specialized peripherals, whether dealing with high salinity, organic contaminants, or difficult calibration conditions in the field. Please feel free to contact us for advice on selecting a setup best suited to your project.

Fields of application:  

  • Geochemistry
  • Biochemistry, nutritional sciences (e.g. double labeled water)
  • Isotope hydrology
  • Meteorology, paleoclimate research
Item no. Device/accessories Details
5070016 A0325 Autosampler For automated injections of liquid samples for isotope analysis.
5070005 A0211 High precision evaporator Designed for use with fresh water. For salt water use C0354, for high organic content use A0214. Additional cleaning and/or maintenance required for > 100 mg / l dissolved solids.
5070007 A0214 Micro-Combustion Module To remove interfering organics from water samples. Must be purchased with evaporator.
5070001 A0101 Standards Delivery Module For automatic calibration of analyzer in water vapor mode. For up to one month of completely remote and unattended measurements in the field.
5070008 A0217 Continuous Water Sampler For continuous real-time analysis of δ18O and δ2H in liquid water.
5070006 A0213 Induction Module For samples of matrix-bound water from solid materials and liquids with a high total dissolved solids content (e.g., plant samples). With inline microcombustion cartridge.
5070023    A0912 Dual Mode Configuration For calibration of water vapor isotope measurements with the A0325 liquid autosampler. Includes hardware and software to switch between ambient water vapor and liquid water standards.
5070012 A0311 Multiplexer 6-Port Distribution Manifold - Automatically switch between up to 16 input lines. Incl. valve sequencer software for fully automatic operation.
5070050 C0211 Vaporizer Cleaning Kit  
5070072 C0354 Salt Liner Exchangeable filter inlet for operation with salt water samples.
5070074 C0356 Secondary Water Isotopes Standard Kit 3 standard solutions ( USGS46, USGS47, and USGS48), each pack of 10.
5070059 C0329 Isotopic Water Kit, 1000 samples

incl. 10µl syringes, 2 ml vials, Septa.

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