Piezometer M 150

Piezometer M 150

Item no.: 1944100 (M 150 S) Item No.: 1944015 (M 150 S installation set) Item no.: 1944000 (M 150 L) Item No.: 1944010 (M 150 L installation set)

Advantages at a glance

  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Measurement of vertical exchange rates
  • Additional simple sampling
  • High vertical resolution due to filtering in the short range
  • Versatile

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Piezometer M 150

Our specially developed impact piezometers M 150 S and M150 L are characterized by a very short filter distance (< 8 cm). This allows you to achieve a very high vertical resolution for your water level measurements and sampling. Thus, the piezometers M 150 are perfectly suited for monitoring transport processes in near-surface groundwater, as well as for investigating groundwater-surface water interactions and exchange processes in the hyporheic zone. In addition, you can use the piezometer tubes for various experiments, for example:

  • Slug tests to estimate the hydraulic conductivity of the sediment.
  • Tracer tests to evaluate the groundwater flow velocity

The piezometer consists of a stainless steel tube with a length of 150 cm and a short filter section of 7.8 cm with 2 x 25 slots (width: ~0.35 mm). As with a ram filter, the Piezometer M1 50 is driven into the ground with an impact head and a hammer and can be removed again with a pulling aid.
Our piezometer variants

Order our piezometers in two variants that differ in diameter. For both variants we offer an installation set (includes: Plastic hammer, impact head, folding rule, drawing aid and brush) and an extension of 50/100 cm for it. The cap is provided with a wire suspension for attaching level loggers or similar.

  • Piezometer-M 150 S Øi 29.7 mm
  • Piezometer-M 150 L Øi 38.4 mm

In our portfolio you will also find the appropriate sensor technology for equipping the piezometer with a water level or CTD logger, as well as accessories for sampling. We would be pleased to advise you!

Piezometer tube



M-150 S

M-150 L

Outer diameter

Øa 33.7 mm

Øa 42.4 mm

Inner diameter

Øi 29.7 mm

Øi 38.4 mm

Pipe length

1500 mm (other lengths on request)

Wall thickness

2 mm


Stainless steel

Filter section


78 mm

Filter slots number

2 x 25

Filter slots width

~0.35 mm

Filter slots length

22 mm

33 mm

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