Teledyne ISCO Duratracker Ex

Teledyne ISCO Duratracker Ex

Item no.: 5040868 Item no.: 5040872 (with LTE modem)

Advantages at a glance

  • Compact and portable
  • Operation with standard batteries
  • Connection of up to 2 sensors
  • Standard USB and Bluetooth
  • Suitable for ATEX protection zone 0 for measurements directly in the duct network

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Teledyne ISCO Duratracker Ex

Teledyne ISCO has now released its DuraTracker® portable flowmeter and logger in a version with explosion protection for use in Class I, Div 1, Group C&D, Zone 0 and ATEX Category 1G hazardous areas. The new DuraTracker® Ex can be positioned directly in the manhole for flow measurements in the sewer network without the need for an ATEX barrier.

The DuraTracker is the most efficient and reliable flow measurement solution on the market for a wide range of flow measurement applications. The black Ex version can be used in ATEX Zone 0 with two of the following sensors:  

  • the 360Ex LaserFlow non-contact flow velocity sensor,   
  • the 350Ex Continuous Wave Doppler AV contact flow velocity sensor  
  • or the 310Ex ultrasonic sensor for water level measurement.  

The DuraTracker calculates flow using standard equations for converting water level/area velocity to flow, user-defined equations, or from data tables for level to area/level to flow conversions. The DuraTracker package cost-effectively integrates cellular communications and multiple flow techniques into a single module. Standard Bluetooth capabilities facilitate programming, sensor calibration, and data retrieval via wireless devices.

Key specifications

  • Bluetooth communication, typical range 9 m. Connect directly to the DuraTracker Ex without cables using Flowlink® software on your laptop. No more crawling around in unsafe, hard-to-reach places! In addition, the device has the familiar USB connection.
  • The DuraTracker Ex measures battery powered. The 2 battery compartments each hold eight standard D-cells. Depending on the sensor, the DuraTracker achieves typical battery runtimes of 6-24 months due to its high energy efficiency.
  • The DuraTracker Ex is also available with a built-in LTE cellular modem and magnetic antenna.  
  • The Ex version has connections for 2 TIENet sensors and 1 Modbus output.

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