Teledyne ISCO Duratracker

Teledyne ISCO Duratracker

Item no.: 5040866 Item no.: 5040867 (with LTE modem)

Advantages at a glance

  • Compact and portable
  • Operation with standard batteries
  • Connection of up to 4 sensors
  • Standard USB and Bluetooth

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Teledyne ISCO Duratracker

Teledyne ISCO's Duratracker® is a portable, battery-powered flowmeter (with logger and optional modem). Mobile and versatile, it is the most efficient and reliable flow measurement solution on the market for a variety of potable and wastewater applications.

It can be used with up to 4 of the following sensors:  

  • the 360 LaserFlow non-contact flow velocity sensor,   
  • the 350 Continuous Wave Doppler AV contact flow velocity sensor  
  • or the 310 Ultrasonic Sensor for water level measurement.  

The Duratracker calculates flow using standard equations for converting water level/area velocity to flow, user-defined equations, or from data tables for level to area/level to flow conversions. The DuraTracker package cost-effectively integrates cellular communications and multiple flow techniques in a single module. Standard Bluetooth capabilities facilitate programming, sensor calibration, and data retrieval via wireless devices.

Key specifications

  • Bluetooth communication, typical range 9 m. Connect directly to the DuraTracker Ex without cables using Flowlink® software on your laptop. No more crawling around in unsafe, hard-to-reach places! In addition, the device has the familiar USB connection.
  • The DuraTracker measures battery powered. The 2 battery compartments each hold eight standard D-cells. Depending on the sensor, the DuraTracker achieves typical battery runtimes of 6-24 months due to its high energy efficiency.
  • The DuraTracker is also available with built-in LTE cellular modem and magnetic antenna.  
  • Connections for 4 TIENet sensors, and 1 Modbus output.

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