Tipping counter polycarbonate

Tipping counter polycarbonate

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Tipping counter polycarbonate

This tipping counter made of polycarbonate, with a tipping scale volume of 0.1 l, is particularly well suited for recording small flow rates and can be used up to a maximum volume flow of 2 l/min. It offers a low-cost alternative to the V2A tipping counters but is just as weather-resistant. In addition, in contrast to the V2A tipping counter, it is food-safe and can therefore also be used in drinking water. Our built-in membranes are made of high-quality silicone, as are all other sealing parts. The polycarbonate tipping counter can be delivered with wall holder or with base holder on request.

At each tilt, a pulse signal is triggered via a REED sensor. Based on the number of these drains, the REED sensor measures the amount of water drained. The REED sensor can be connected to an electronic counter or data logger, for example. For single units, a 1-channel data logger (e.g., Easylog) is recommended.

Per tipping, 1 % quantity aliquot can be filled into a PE collection bottle with the associated sampler for further analysis in the laboratory.



Total width

220 mm

Total height

200 mm

Total depth

130 mm without collection bottle

Inlet / outlet nozzle diameter

20 mm


  • Tipping counter complete polycarbonate (Macrolon)
  • Clamp fastener V2A
  • Collection bottle PE

Measuring ranges

Tilting tray volume

100 ml

Volume flow  

max. 2 l/min


1 % Quantity aliquot per tipping

PE collection bottle

500 ml

Impulse generator

REED sensor with terminal box

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