Groove auger

Groove auger

Item. no.: 2311000 (Groove auger for heavy soils) Item. no.: 2312000 (Groove auger for light soils)

Advantages at a glance

  • favourably priced
  • tough
  • simple to use

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Groove auger

The groove auger is used to take soil samples and to investigate the soil horizons. Under consideration of the different soil properties we offer this auger in two different versions.

The groove auger for heavy soil is particularly strong and torsion resistant. The core volume consists of a groove with a diameter of 12 mm which is laterally milled into the solid rod made of steel with a special alloy. The length of the groove is 1000 mm.

The groove auger for light soils consists of a special steel tube with a diameter of 30 mm and wall thickness of 4 mm which is open at the sides. The groove of 1000 mm length has a diameter of 22 mm in this version The shaft can be extended up to 4 m using 1 m screw on pieces.





Nutbohrer für schwere Böden

Nutbohrer für leichte Böden


1.000 mm

1.000 mm


Ø 22 mm

Ø 30 mm


Ø 12 mm

17 mm





  • Schlagkopf verstärkt auf 40 mm und mit Bohrerschaft verschraubbar
  • Bohrerschaft durch Schraubstücke verlängerbar

Screw-on hammer head Ø 40 mm   

With cross bore hole for steel lever. Suitable for Groove auger

Steel lever Ø 16 mm

Chromed, with PVC handle. Suitable for Groove auger
Chromed extension pieces For auger shaft 1000 mm. Suitable for Groove auger
Polyamid hammer 4 kg
Polyamid hammer 5 kg
Simplex hammer 3 kg
Simplex hammer 5 kg
Simplex hammer 7 kg