Göttinger gouge augers

Göttinger gouge augers

Item no.: 5090410 (complete set of Göttinger gouge augers)

Advantages at a glance

  • suitable for Nmin investigations
  • sampling with little effort
  • without tools

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Göttinger gouge augers

The Göttingen gouge augers are developed for taking soil samples up to a depth of 90 cm and are particularly suitable for soil sampling in Nmin investigations.
Sampling is done by hand and without the use of auxiliary tools, such as hammers or draw hooks. In order to make the drills as thin as possible and yet stable and elastic, the drilling groove is made of a specially hardened steel adapted to the heavy load. The sophisticated milling profile of the drill groove and the system of three drills matched in diameter minimizes frictional forces during insertion and extraction. Sampling is thus possible with little force in relation to conventional sampling devices.

Complete set consists of three drill sticks for three drilling depths:

  • 0-30 cm
  • 30-60 cm
  • 60-90 cm

Attention! Handling of Göttinger Boring Poles:

  • The Göttinger Gouge augers may only be pierced into the ground and NOT driven in with tools of any kind.
  • The soil may only be scraped out of the groove with a chisel or similar. Residue should NOT be removed from the groove by tapping or hitting the stick on objects.








0-30 cm

30-60 cm

60-90 cm


18 mm

16 mm

14 mm


14 mm

12 mm

4 mm


0,65 kg

0,95 kg

1,05 kg

Gesamtgewicht Set

Ca. 2,5 kg

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