Stevens Water HydraGO (Flex)

Stevens Water HydraGO (Flex)

Item no.: 5061050 (HydraGO) Item no.: 5061015 (HydraGO Flex)

Advantages at a glance

  • Portable solution
  • Compact design
  • Accurate measurement
  • Practical HydraGO App

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Stevens Water HydraGO (Flex)

Stevens Water's HydraGO and HydraGO FLEX are both convenient portable soil sensor systems and utilize Hydra-Probe technology. This ensures particularly accurate and precise measurements. Simply insert the probe into the soil and tap the "Probe" button in the HydraGO app. The sensors communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. Both systems feature a rugged Delran housing that includes a rechargeable battery. The internal battery lasts for long field deployments with repeated and frequent data collection.

The HydraGO has a probe at the end of a stem for simple surface measurements. It includes four segments so that the size can be adjusted from 10 to 33 inches (25 to 84 cm).

The HydraGO FLEX has a detachable wired probe that can be buried and left in the field. This allows the user to collect data in a tightly drilled hole. The HydraGO FLEX comes with a belt pouch and brush for easy measurements on the go.



HydraGO Flex 


HydraProbe Sonde verbunden mit HydraGO Handgerät über ausziehbaren ergonomischen Griff, praktischer Trage-Koffer 

Stevens HydraProbe-Sensor mit 3 m Kabel und Schnell-Anschluss (zum Verbleib im Boden), HydraGO Handgerät, Gürteltasche und Bürste 


 vom Mobilgerät (Handy/Tablet) 

 internes GPS: ± 2 m 





  kostenlose HydraGO-App für Android oder iOS Mobilgerät 

  • Datenexport per E-Mail als CSV-Datei 

  • inkl. Datum, Uhrzeit und Standort   



 Wiederaufladbarer Lithium-Ionen-Akku, 3,7 V / 10500 mA  



HydraGO: 24.8 cm x 8.9 cm x 6.4 cm, 1,5 kg  

- Griff: 4 Segmente à 14 cm 

HydraGO Maße: 11,4 cm x 7,0 cm x 5,7 cm 

- Kabel: 3 m an der HydraProbe-Sonde, Bulgin-Stecker, 0,3 m am HydraGO Handgerät 




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