Suction probe with ceramic cup

Suction probe with ceramic cup

Item no.: 1211000 (Standard)

Advantages at a glance

  • can be operated autonomously
  • percolate cannot flow back
  • sample is stored at soil temperature

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Suction probe with ceramic cup

With this suction probe the percolate is removed from the soil through a ceramic cup (P80; 20 x 50 mm). The acrylic glass standpipe (Ø 20 mm) also serves as a collecting space. Thus, no additional sampling vessels are required, but can be connected if desired. The storage of the sample in the standpipe means that it is extensively kept at soil temperature.

The supply and vacuum lines are designed separately and can also be closed individually by means of stopcocks on the hose connections. The construction of this suction probe permits a completely self-sufficient operation and prevents the percolate from being sucked back into the soil in dry phases. Both the hoses themselves as well as the hose connections are made of inert PE in order to prevent falsification of the samples.

Suction probe variants for underfloor and with collection vessel

The suction probes with ceramic cup are also offered as an underfloor version. Instead of the standpipe, this design has ahose to the floor surface, which is connected to a separate sampling vessel. For the extraction of larger sample quantities, the ceramic cup with an integrated 100 ml collection vessel is recommended. For the detection of organic substances, such as pesticides or DOC without absorption losses, this suction probe can also be equipped with a glass cup instead of a ceramic cup.

Bubble point: 0,89 bar
Collection volume: Depending on standpipe length / sampling
Dimensions of the sampling
Ceramic cup Suction cup with
100 ml collection
  Ø: 20 mm
Length: 50 mm
Ø: 60 mm
Length: 100 mm
Working temperature range: Frost proof in installed state

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