Column extraction

Column extraction

Column sampling devices allow undisturbed soil sampling. The original bedding and structure of the soil is preserved in the sample. The least possible influence on the soil structure during sampling is a decisive quality criterion, especially for soil physical investigations, as well as for investigations regarding the water and material balance.

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Things to know

Based on our lysimeter sampling technology for large soil monoliths, we have developed field and laboratory equipment for sampling small undisturbed soil columns. You operate the equipment yourself or you contract our trained UGT personnel.

Advantages of column extraction

With the devices you take soil columns with specific diameter and specific length with minimal influence on the soil structure. Unlike pricking cylinder samples, you do not hammer the sampling vessel. The soil column is cut free and the vessel picks it up true to shape. This prevents both soil compaction in the edge area and the structural influence caused by the vibration when hammering in. Furthermore, you can sample soil columns on a much larger scale than with puncture cylinders. Sampling is also possible in very dry, hard soils.

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