UGT Weather Station

UGT Weather Station

Item no.: 1610000

Advantages at a glance

  • flexibly composable
  • comprehensive measurement
  • safe installation
  • remote data transmission
  • efficient energy management

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UGT Weather Station

In order to meet the exact requirements of the planned use of the weather station, we offer customized weather stations. The core of each station is a data logger. Depending on the project requirements, we connect sensors for the following parameters:

  •     Wind direction
  •     Wind speed
  •     Global radiation
  •     PAR
  •     Air temperature
  •     Air humidity
  •     Air pressure
  •     Precipitation
  •     Soil temperature (optional at different depths)
  •     Soil moisture (optional at different depths)

Data acquisition and installation

The application-specific equipment of the weather station allows parallel acquisition of non-meteorological data, such as soil moisture.

From the data logger, the measured data can be transmitted or retrieved by remote data transmission, by USB cable or by feeding data into a data network. The efficient energy management of the logger reduces the energy demand of the weather station to a minimum. The energy supply can thus optionally be provided by mains power (230V / 50 Hz) with backup battery for bridging mains power failures, with solar panel or with exchangeable batteries.

For safe installation with minimized influence on the sensors we use weather station masts made of high quality V2A stainless steel tube. The specially developed ground base (tiltable depending on mast length and location) and the anchoring with stainless steel cables guarantee an easy installation and a safe stand of the weather station. In the sense of the individual character of the UGT weather stations, the masts are available in any length.  Following the guidelines of the German Weather Service, this is usually two meters.

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