Easy-To-Go Lysimeter

Easy-To-Go Lysimeter

Item no.: 1803105 (Easy-To-Go Lysimeter 300-600) Item no.: 1803105 (Easy-To-Go Monolith Extraction Basic Ø 300 mm) Item no.: 5600086 (SVADSS-NBIoT-Easy-To-Go Integration for 1 Jahr) Item no.: 5600087 (SVADSS-NBIoT-Easy-To-Go Integration for 1 year - from the 2nd year)

Advantages at a glance

  • cost-effective field lysimeter
  • standardized equipment
  • enables high spatial repeatability
  • easy to set up, operate and maintain

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Easy-To-Go Lysimeter

Our Easy-To-Go Lysimeter (ETG) complements our product range for field lysimeters in the low-cost range. It offers a standardized alternative to our flexibly equipped Ready-To-Go lysimeters and still provides all the essential functions for determining the most important soil water balance parameters. The ETG comprises a lysimeter vessel with a diameter of 300 mm and a height of 600 mm as well as two soil moisture and soil temperature sensors (SMT-100), a tipping counter, a weighing system and a mast with data logger. The data is continuously transmitted to your individual SVADSS data management portal via NB-IoT wireless technology. All ETGs are suitable for both disturbed (manual filling) and undisturbed soil monoliths (special sampling technology). The ETG lysimeter station can be set up and put into operation without special tools and even without trained UGT personnel.

Precise water balancing directly on site

In conjunction with an NB-IoT weather station, the cost-effective ETG enables precise quantification of the local water balance. You can determine evapotranspiration directly and reliably via the change in weight of the lysimeter. With our highly specialized weighing system, you benefit from our wealth of experience in the field of lysimeter technology. This precise technology enables direct water balance analyses with a resolution of 0.01 mm. The detection of dew, snow and small amounts of evapotranspiration is no problem.

Insights into the "black box" of soil

In addition to weighing, our ETG lysimeters are equipped with high-resolution soil moisture and soil temperature probes (SMT-100). Soil moisture is measured in volume % water content and is an important parameter in the water balance of the soil monolith. In addition, the free outlet at the bottom of the monolith and the automatic submersible pump at the bottom of the outer vessel enable quantitative and qualitative investigations of the seepage water.

High spatial repeatability for comprehensive investigations

With the affordable design of the ETG lysimeter, you can measure water balance variables directly or set up a dense lysimeter network, even on a limited budget. This gives you a high spatial resolution for researching the landscape water balance or for assessing water management issues.  

Note: Automatic data transmission using NB-IoT requires good network coverage.





Dimension total

H: 981 mm, Ø416 mm


Dimension lysimeter vessel

H: 600 mm, Ø300 mm





Sensor levels in the lysimeter vessel

200 and 400 mm from the top


Soil moisture

Measuring range: 0…60 %

Accuracy: ± 3 %,

Resolution: 0,1 %



Measuring range: -40 ... +80°C

Accuracy: ± 0,2 %

Resolution: 0,01°C

Tipping counter

Tipping volume

5 ml



Ø116 mm, H: 137 mm



230 g


Impulse counter

1 mm ±5 % per tilt


Collecting surface

50 cm²

Load cell


Tedea-Huntleigh 1042, Single point load cell



C3 standardisiert



1 … 200 kg


Maximum safe central overload

100 kg



1 g



Aluminum with low profile, IP66

NB-IoT- Universallogger


65 x 33 x 107 mm


Field of application

-40 … 80 °C


Transmission interval

1-hour interval preset by UGT (shorter transmission rates can be preset by UGT, note the reduction in battery life)


Protection class housing

IP 68


Power supply

3,6 V Lithium battery LS33600/17.000 mAh


Power consumption

Low, <3.5 μA in sleep mode / 250 mA when transmitting



Helical, gain 2.5 dBi

Submersible pump

Pump pressure

max. 1.4 bar


Flow rate

max. 1320 l/h



Ø80 mm, H: 135 mm



290 g


Operating voltage

12 V

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